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Russell Harris

Russell Harris, a free-lance curator and translator, studied Oriental Studies at Balliol College, Oxford.

Currently an academic consultant at the Institute of Ismaili Studies, London, he has contributed to the Dictionary of National Biography and various international journals. He has written books on Indian royal portraits from the Lafayette archive held by the V&A Museum. He has also translated literary and political works from French and Arabic.

He has lectured on Edwardian portraiture in the UK and the US and is the curator of exhibitions of late-Victorian and Edwardian portrait photographs in cooperation with the British Council, the National Portrait Gallery, the Victoria & Albert Museum, the Bucharest History Museum and the Linz Landesgalerie, inter alia, in the UK, Pakistan, India, Romania, Austria, Malaysia, the Czech Republic, Norway, Poland and Jordan.

CoolRussell is the co-author with Hélène Alexander, Director of The Fan Museum, Greenwich, of a book on fans in the Lafayette archive and is currently writing a book on the output of the Lafayette photography studio. He has written many articles and reviewes of Middle Eastern culture, art and personalities for the Pakistani magazine Libas International and now writes for Asian Art Newspaper and Majesty Magazine.

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